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ABOUT Aluminium

In Europe, the aluminium manufacturing industry is much more advance then the South African market and due to this we have imported our machinery directly from Europe.

ASAP Aluminium has gone from strength to strength both in skills, knowledge and service, all backed up by a growing team of professional and qualified sales consultants, designers, technicians and engineers.

We offer market related pricing without compromising on quality, functionality and service.

We are on a continuous mission to provide you with the latest Products and Service. Our Staff Training Programme ensures that through continuous upliftment and education, we can provide you with the best customer service experience when choosing ASAP Aluminium.


Aluminium window and door systems boast many major advantages over traditional wood and steel such as:

• Wide range of styles and designs
• Strong and Durable
• Aluminium frames are resistant to temperature changes due to their structural
stability even in extreme weather conditions and thus preventing bending.
• Aluminium is rust resistant and makes it a good choice for someone living in
extreme weather conditions or close to the ocean.
• Aluminium frames can be fitted after the building work is complete.
• Very low level of overall maintenance.
• Aluminium doors and windows are environmentally friendly.