uPVC Window & Door Systems - MAXiLine Illustration

4 Chambers 62mm. System Trio Glass Application TPV Gray Gasket option

  1. Super dip wind and rain barrier  system
  2. Single 4mm and double 20mm ( 4+12 + ) glass applications
  3. Trio glass application to 24mm
  4. Semi-hidden gasket and self gasket laths give and aesthetic look without exceeding glass surface
  5. 2.5mm (+- 0.3) thick PVC meets European Standards
  6. Attractive 45 rustic pine finish. Enderpen has easily detachable / removable finishes
  7. Gaskets are heat, noise, water and dust resistant
  8. 2 Slopes for water drainage
  9. 3 Chamber construction ensures a quality noise reduction and insulation results
  10. Standard metal throughout provides maximum strength and stability

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