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Tilt & Turn Windows

Boast the benefits of both picture windows and an opening window as
individual sashes can be manufactured much larger than our casement windows. The beauty of our aluminium tilt and turn windows is the way they neatly combine the light, airy feel of picture windows with the tilting option allowing for ventilation and the turn function opens the entire window inwards having the versatility of an opening window.

Side Hung Windows

Side Hung Windows is affixed to the side of the outer frame allowing the window to open
outwards. These windows are secured using high quality friction stay hinges ensuring they remain in postion in all weather conditions

Top Hung Windows

Top Hung Windows are the most popular design. The aluminium top hung windows are
constructed using an outer frame and hinged sash. The sash projects outwards where by the hinge is at the top of the outer frame allowing the bottom to swing out secured by high quality friction stay hinges

Pivot Windows

Pivot Windows is the ideal choice for unobstructed views offering a large opening for maximum ventilation and light, a key factor for high-rise building specification the sash brake locks can secure the window at the desired opening and is fully reversible for easy cleaning all from the inside.

Fixed Windows

Fixed Windows is perfect for staircase landings, view windows or feature windows. They have no opening sashes and is custom-made to your specifications.

Sliding Windows

Perfect for settings where space does not allow for sashes to project inwards or outwards with an unobstructed design to fit seamlessly next to other features such as fixed-pane windows sliding doors or folding doors. Sliding windows comes in 2, 3 or 4 panes depending on the width of the window.

Stacking Windows

Also known as sliding-stacking windows open and fold back to open up the
entire window space. Designed for rooms where you may need maximum ventilation. These
windows could range from 3panels up to 10 panels depending on the width of the window.