ASAP  uPVC Window & Door Systems

ASAP PVC window and door systems are available in single and double glazing are suitable for residential, commercial, hotel and industrial use. It can be adapted for any building style.

About us.

We are a well-established uPVC Window and Door Systems company and the trusted supplier of top quality single and double glazed window and door systems to the South African market.

We are the only South African company that uses Enderpen’s industry leading uPVC products to manufacture our window and door systems. We ensure that the manifold benefits of the uPVC material are maximized in every product that leaves our factory by employing the best team and having the latest machinery and technology available.

We further set ourselves apart from competitors by offering a wide range of products and large production capacity without making any concession in quality. We also offer after sales service that is unrivalled in the South African market.


Enderpen PVC Door & Window Systems is a Turkish company that has been a leading supplier of uPVC products to the world since 1968. They’re renowned for high quality products, innovation and technical excellence.

No other system can compete with the quality, resistance, aesthetic appearance and unlimited usage features that uPVC systems offer. It has been used in developed countries for the past 40 years and is the industry standard for new homes in both the USA and the UK and now it is available in SA!

For more information, please visit www.enderpen.com.tr