Double Glazed Windows: 10 Real Benefits choosing them in 2020

It’s important to understand the real benefits, when you choose to install double glazed windows for your home or work space. It’s the aesthetic that double glazed windows present, as two sheets of glass with a gap between them create an insulating barrier that keeps heat in among other things. At ASAP PVC we know that investing in high quality materials and workmanship delivers the kind of experience that will make living a life more than live-able, as you unlock the daily benefits of Double glazed windows:

1. Double glazed windows provide better insulation

Most people don’t realize that a whopping average of about forty percent of the energy loss in the home occurs due to the use of standard, single pane windows.  The amazing thing is that double glazing can greatly minimize this and can easily reduce the energy being spent on regulating the temperature in your home by as much as fifty percent. T

he double glazed windows provide a better barrier to the elements, and thereby reduce the amount of heat transferring from your home or work space to the cold outer air. As your home now has the ability to retain more of the heat gained from the sun during the day. During the hot summer months, the double glazed windows will keep the extreme heat outside.

This solution will insure that you keep your home warmer in winter and cooler in summer. If you are conscious of living a more environmentally friendly life you can reduce the twenty eight percent of all carbon dioxide emissions produced by the home not using double glazed windows.

2. Double glazed windows provide increased security

The feeling of being secure is important and by design double glazed windows are much harder to break compared to single glazed windows. Moreover it is also very difficult to force them to open from the outside. This makes it harder for burglars planning to break into your house. You can also further choose to increase the level of security by using either laminated or toughened glass. A glazing of 6.38 mm safety or intruder-proof glass, makes double-glazing an excellent added security measure for your home.

3. Double glazed windows provide noise reduction

We live in an increasingly busier and noiser world that at times can be overwhelming.  You may need the buffer that double glazing provides so you can take back your peace and quiet. They provide better insulation from noise compared to using single glazing. They are especially great if you happen to live in a noisy neighborhood or near an airport. In the same way, the double glazed windows will keep any noise coming from your house inside. This allows for your conversations within the house to remain intimate. You can also afford to comfortably put the music on or break in your home entertainment center without disturbing your neighbors.

4. Double glazed windows help to reduce your energy bills

As mentioned before double glazing will allow your home or work space to retain most of the heat it gains from the sun during the day. This increased insulation will also mean that you need to turn on the heat far less often during the cold winter months. During the hot summer months, the cooler house means that you do not need to use your air conditioner very often. This all translates to much lower energy consumption, lower bills and helping you ultimately to leave a much lighter carbon footprint.

 5. Double glazed windows help to reduce draughts.

In windy cities one has to contend with draughts that such out the heat during winters. By investing in double glazed windows as well as rubber seals that are placed within the frames, it will help to ensure that draughts cannot easily move through the windows when they are closed.

6. Double glazed windows help to reduce window condensation

The reason water droplets begin to appear when the windows are cooler than the air inside the house. This is catalyst that causes the moisture on the window panes to begin to condense. When using double glazed windows the temperature of the interior window pane is closer to the air temperature inside the house, therefore avoiding condensation. Heat gets reflected back into the room. This keeps the inner pane warm and further reduces the problem of condensation.

Condensation can have far-reaching consequences if left unchecked. The water droplets can lead to the propagation of mold and mildew which can both cause health problems. The reduced levels of condensation will also help to avoid the costly maintenance and repairs caused by water condensation damage.

7. Double glazed windows help to reduce interior damage of possessions

We have all seen the damage that UV rays in sunlight slowly cause to your furniture, decor and even carpets. Double glazing reduces the amount of UV radiation that gets into the house. You can choose to further increase the level of protection from UV light by adding a UV window film.

8. Double glazed windows make better use of natural light

Double glazed windows allow you to use natural light to the fullest extent, without you having the need to turn on lights early in the day. This will ensure that you are not only able to save on energy but can also enjoy afternoon light without the risk of glare, heat, and faded materials and paint caused by the sun. Natural light is well known for offering many benefits to personal health, for its ability to lift moods and also promoting an increased sense of well-being.

9. Double glazed windows are easy to maintain

While most people assume that double glazing leads to difficulties with cleaning and maintaining your windows. You will find that this is just a misconception. Firstly you should ensure that you clean the windows on a regular basis as the build-up of dust can cause window discolouration. When wiping off condensation avoid using any abrasive means of window cleaning.

10. Double glazed windows will increase the value of your property

As you can now know installing double glazing really makes your house better and more comfortable to live in. This sends an energy conscious message that will appeal to more potential buyers than when compared to a house with single glazed windows. In the event that you ever need to sell your home you can be assured of getting a better deal than you would have if you choose to stick with single glazing.

Double glazed windows are for the kind of people who care deeply about the spaces they inhabit. Contact us today for a quote and let ASAP PVC help make a change that you can really see every day.

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