Serene Window

Serene Window

The Crealco Serene window and door system is a European style aluminium product, manufactured with high quality hardware. The versatile Serene window and door is characterised by broad, smooth and rounded edges and is beautifully finished to create a modern and sophisticated look.

As part of its versatility, the Crealco Serene can be designed as a hinged door or casement window, as well as an innovative tilt and turn opening system. The distinctive inward tilting feature, allows for natural airflow. The Crealco Serene is the ideal product for high-end residential and modern commercial buildings.



•    Effortless tilt and turn action, with a single lever.
•    Effective seals makes the product draft free and water tight
•    Protects against summer heat and winter cold
•    The tilt function for gentle air movement and the turn option for maximum ventilation
•    Can be intergrated with the Crealco Horizon adjustable shutters


•    Suitable for both single and double glazing options.

Gaskets and Seals:

•    Durable and reliable gaskets and seals, locally available.


•    Available in a variety of popular architectural powder coating colours and finishes


•    High quality hardware components, locally available


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